When looking to rent a moving truck you might think all are the same. That’s where we come in. Power Ranch Storage has partnered with U-Haul the industry leader to provide the best possible selection and options that will make moving just that much easier on you.

U-Haul trucks are built with one premise. ”We are helping people to move, not just the cargo.”

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Most affordable in the industry

  • All of the U-Haul’s models are designed to raise fuel economy by 20% compared to the competition. Fuel-economy gauge indicators are conveniently located to ensure you save as much money on fuel as possible.

Most space in its class

  • The majority of U-Haul rental trucks have up to 13% more space compared to our competitors. U-Haul’s exclusive “Moms Attic” provides you with extra space over the cab of the truck for fragile items or saving you that extra trip it would take with other rental trucks.

Ultimate protection for your valuables

  • Every U-Haul has a specially designed Gentle-Ride Suspension to ensure a safe ride for your possessions.In addition, inside every U-Haul truck comes rub rails on every wall to add an extra layer of protection.

Easier to load

  • Low decks come standard on any U-Haul truck designed with you in mind. This makes the loading process easier on your body and efficient. U-Haul has created its own patented loading ramps which are shorter, wider, and tougher than an other in the industry.

Safety features

  • The cabs in each U-Haul are designed so any customer no matter their height will have the highest visibility possible. Exceptional maintenance for your safety. Every time a truck is rented and then returned our inspection specialists ensure a clean, well-maintained truck for every customer. As an additional option, damage coverage can be purchased to relieve you of any finical responsibility if anything was to happen.

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  • This location is amazing, placed an order online at 4:50, he stayed open until I got there around 6:00 and was already when I arrived. great place and amazing service. Matthew

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  • If you want excellent customer service, a good price, a clean facility and a secure facility rent here. I am very happy I picked this location. Very easy to work with. They pay me for the referrals I would refer to them anyways.